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Smallish is a quiet chat under a tall tree, a secret note left on a coworker’s desk, and a devastating reply all on your way out the door.

Smallish is a community for writers, designers, and other tech so-and-sos. An opinionated, how-to free, sometimes-inspiring companion for folks who write in tech.

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Every two weeks you’ll get a newsletter right to your inbox. In it two wordpals share existential essays on language, design, and life. Each issue will have art and the faint scent of coyote bush.

An open door and invitation

We are a smallish community of people who read for fun and write for glory. And when we meet, things get weird. Join Smallish for a moonlit poetry picnic. Or an afternoon tea-time topic about the narrative exploration of information architecture.

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For the thoughtful knowledge worker looking for meaning in an increasingly inhuman world, two well-therapized writers in tech get deep on language and design.


V Sri

Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know you're spending too much time in this laundromat.

Chelsea Larsson

Currently leading design teams in tech. On a scale of vibes, I'm somewhere between a Redwood tree and those flappy balloons outside of carwashes.